Editorial policy

Afrika Focus provides a multidisciplinary forum for the study of Africa. It accepts scientific contributions dealing with current trends and new developments in this field. The articles should be based on original research and should promote interdisciplinary communication, also for the benefit of education. The editorial committee decides on acceptance following international peer-review. Afrika Focus publishes papers in two languages: English and French. Apart from papers, the journal publishes research, fieldwork and conference reports, and book reviews.

Editorial Board

Koen Adam (Foreign Affairs, Africa Direction), Berhane Araia (SUNY Albany), Heike Becker (University of the Western Cape), William Blondeel (Province of East Flanders), Emile Boonzaier (University of the Western Cape), Koen Bostoen (Ghent University), Gilbert Braspenning, Eva Brems (Ghent University), Luc Brendonck (University of Leuven), Rosemary Burnett (University of Limpopo), Filip De Boeck (University of Leuven), Marleen Boelaert (Institute of Tropical Medicine), Chris Bulcaen (Ghent University), Geert Castryck (University of Leipzig), Bob Colebunders (Institute of Tropical Medicine), Bart Criel (Institute of Tropical Medicine), Morgan De Dapper (Ghent University), Reginald De Deken (Institute of Tropical Medicine), Danielle de Lame (Royal Museum for Central Africa), Gilles-Maurice de Schryver (Ghent University, University of Pretoria), Sigurd D'hondt (Ghent University), Henri Dumont (Ghent University), Abdeljalil El Kholti (University of Casablanca), Stephen Ellis (African Studies Centre Leiden), Zana Aziza Etambala (Royal Museum for Central Africa, University of Leuven), Vincent Foucher (Les Afriques dans le Monde, Bordeaux), Marie-Soleil Frère (Université Libre de Bruxelles), Bogumil Jewsiewicki (Université Laval), Gert Laekeman (University of Leuven), Mena Lafkioui (Ghent University, Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca), Michael Meeuwis (Ghent University), Uma Mesthrie (University of the Western Cape), François K. Mushashy Habiyaremye (Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences ), Jean Ndimubandi (University of Burundi), Pierre Ozer (University of Liège), Hendrik Pinxten (Ghent University), Gordon Pirie (University of Cape Town), Glenn Rayp (Ghent University), Robrecht Renard (University of Antwerp), Filip Reyntjens (University of Antwerp), Chris Stroud (University of the Western Cape), Marleen Temmerman (World Health Organization), Wilfried Van Damme (Leiden University), Christophe Van der Beken (Ethiopian Civil Service University), Patrick Van Der Stuyft (Institute of Tropical Medicine, Ghent University), Jean- Pierre Van Geertruyden (University of Antwerp), Etienne Van Hecke (Catholic University of Leuven), Ineke van Kessel (African Studies Centre Leiden), Alfons Van Mensel (Ghent University), Jean-Luc Vellut (University of Leuven),Koen Vlassenroot (Ghent University), Anne Walraet (Ghent University), Ludo Weyten (Ghent University)


Patrick Van Damme (Ghent University), Annelies Verdoolaege (Ghent University)

Editorial Committee

Koenraad Bogaert (Ghent University), Antoon De Schryver (University of Antwerp), Johan De Smedt (Publishing House Pelckmans), Baz Lecocq (Ghent University), Koen Stroeken (Ghent University), Patrick Van Damme (Ghent University), Annelies Verdoolaege (Ghent University)


Dominique Godfroid 

Cover and lay-out

Dominique Godfroid & Filip Erkens


Marga Peters


Johan De Smedt, Koophandelstraat 28, 9160 Lokeren (Belgium)